IQAC: Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The IQAC functions to provide information on quality parameters in higher education, obtains feedback on various aspects of Institutional activity and initiates activities to engage students in various academic and extra academic tasks. It also suggests areas for faculty and non teaching staff development. It is responsible for the preparation of AQAR ( Annual Quality Assurance Report.)

Earn and Learn scheme

The college has [students welfare board] which implements various welfare schemes for poor and needy students. The earn and learn scheme is implemented which provides an opportunity to the poor and needy students to earn while learning. In the academic year 2012-13 total 15 students participated in this scheme and an amount of Rs. 9760 /- was spent.

Competitive Exam Committee

This has been set up to provide necessary guidance and assistance to the students for preparation of competitive exams.

Ladies Forum

Ladies forum has been constituted especially for providing counseling services to female students. It also helps them to adjust to the academic and social life of the institution. Various lectures and workshops are arranged by the forum for the personality development of female students.

Women's Grievance Redressal Cell

The cell has been active in creating awareness on the issues of sexual harassment of women through classroom interactive sessions.

Students Grievance Redressal Cell

This cell ensures that all the grievances are addressed and resolved within the time frame. It also obtains information on the level of relief / satisfaction resulting from the redressal measures


Attended “International Conference on E-Publishing” Dated on 13-15th March 2013, organized by Jayakar Library and Dept. of Library and Information Science, University of Pune. Paper Presentation : Title: “Skills Required for changing College Libraries” at State Level Seminar “Introducing New Trends in Academic Libraries : Need of an Hour” on 18 -19th October 2013. Paper Presentation :Title : “Role of ICT in Tourism” at state level seminar “challenges before India’s Economic Development” on 3rd February 2016,Vol-III,ISSN-2350-0395.

Students council

Under the University act, class representatives are nominated on merit basis to form student's council. This council plays an active role in various curricular and extra curricular activities held throughout the year.


This facility is available in the college campus for girls and boys.

Alumini Association

For past students of the college this association offers a unique platform to interact with the current students from all the faculties. The alumini contribute to the development of the students at large by sharing their academic and professional experiences.

Annual Social Gathering

Ours college is arranges Annual Social Gathering of the students giving a platform to the students to perform and to show their cultural qualities.

Cultural Programs

The college organizes various cultural programs, competitions and encourages students to participate. Our students have been participating in various youth/intercollegiate competitions and festivals and even winning some of them.

Remedial Coaching Classes

These are specially conducted for the students who are weak in studies.