Name: Prof. Pawar Anil Sakharam M.Sc. B.Ed. (Chemistry)
Mobile: 9423692023
K.B.H. Jr. College, Malegaon Camp
Malegaon , Nashik

Education is the way to go from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light. Education is the greatest and most sacred asset in a competitive world, and the holistic development of students is the goal of education. Achieving this goal of education requires a collective effort by a leader.

We have a group of students with cultural and social diversity, that is why we teach students tolerance, respect for each other, respect for all cultures. We teach students moral values and integrity. I, along with all my colleagues, strive to do a great job of shaping the future of this country by making our students a capable, progressive, humble and responsible citizen to fit into this society.

The pillars of our country to make our country a world superpower is today's youth, I and my colleagues are trying to create a new India by giving these youth a good education.